designs a variety of magnetic data cables to suit the needs of people. We designed these magnetic cables with years of experience to meet. The needs of people. so, Our data cables are know for their innovation and quality. We offer fast charging cables at the lowest price.

Magnetic Absorption Nano Phone Cable Factory

Magnetic data cable

Magnetic data cable allows the device to be charge from either side. Regardless of whether it is on the front or the back.
By using magnets, the cable automatically connects to the plug you insert into your device and immediately starts charging.

360° And 180° Rotating Magnetic Phone Data Cable

It is easy to charge your Apple Watch using inductive charging. so, These USB charging cables. Are reversible plug universal charge adapters make from aluminium alloy.

There are two kinds of magnetic cables available and neither of them is capable of data transfer. It is an industry-standard that establishes specifications for cables.

Fast charging magnetic cable

Fast charging magnetic cable is a one-stop solution for all your smartphone charging issues. so, Our cables are simple. Lightweight, portable, 2A fast charging and convconvenient to use.

It is designe with a magnetic connector, easy to use and carry. And can be easily put in a bag when you travel with your laptop or other devices.

Our focus is on providing people with simple, quick and functional charging options. so, To checkout the complete range of cables, you can visit the company’s official website.

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