There is no denying that your Family Planner Whiteboard is the focal point of your classroom, regardless of what you think about ‘chalk and talk’ teaching. In most lessons, it is the most important ingredient.Common Issues With Whiteboard and Its Solutions

Students with the wrong pen or an overzealous cleaner with the wrong spray can stain or cover whiteboards in residue, making them unusable. Sticky White Board is resilient if cared for properly, but an overzealous cleaner can make the boards unusable.

You can usually rescue your whiteboard most of the time! The best way to deal with stains. And residue is to use a whiteboard cleaner and conditioner that can handle almost any issue (including permanent markers) but if you’re still waiting on yours, here are some handy tips:

How to Remove Permanent Markers from Whiteboards!

The Problem:

A whiteboard is a favorite among kids.

Cleaning it, writing on it, and drawing on it are some of the most fun things you can do with it! The students are well aware of the fact that they cannot scrawl graffiti across your board, so they know that every second counts; they rarely think about checking whether the marker they are grabbing is actually a dry wipe pen in a moment of heady whiteboard adrenaline.

How can we remove it?

Removing the permanent marker from the board isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can trace over the permanent marker lines with a dry wipe pen in the darkest color you have – ideally black – and then erase as usual. With the dry wipe pen, the permanent ink will be broken down, making it easier to wipe away. There is no need to panic; this will still work hours later.

You can use deodorant in an emergency if you can’t trace lines (e.g. the words or drawings are unsuitable) and need to remove a permanent marker quickly. However, the whiteboard surface may be damaged if this is used regularly.

Getting Rid of Cleaning Fluid Residue on Whiteboards!

To remove the streaks and any subsequent writing, use the same cleaner or wipes that caused the problem during the middle of the lesson. Although it doesn’t fix the problem, it makes the board usable for the remainder of the lesson. You can use rubbing alcohol on a cloth to clean your board thoroughly when you have time.

Tape Residue on Your Whiteboard – Whiteboard Rescue #3!

There’s good news for you! The answer is already in your pencil case! Use a pencil eraser to remove the marks. Then, you can simply wipe a normal whiteboard cleaning wipe over the surface to restore. It perfectly after removing the tape residue!

Unfortunately, your whiteboard has a shelf life, despite being hardy. Boards should be replaced every few years. We offer scratch-resistant vitreous enamel boards with a 25-year surface guarantee if you need a practically invincible board!

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