Are you considering pursuing a Ph.D. or another type of Online Bachelor Degree? You can acquire anything to a Ph.D. in accounting by enrolling in one of the many Online Doctorate Studies programs available.

The length of time it takes to acquire a doctorate varies on your program. Some executive doctoral programs, for example, can be finished in three years, although standard Ph.D. programs can take much longer.

If you’re debating whether a doctoral degree is worthwhile, we’ve developed a list of possible high-level benefits to help you consider your alternatives.

  1. Higher Prospective Wages:

According to the US Census Bureau, the difference in lifetime earnings between a master’s degree and a doctoral degree is $900,000.

  1. Lower Unemployment Rate:

According to the same Census Bureau research, persons with an advanced degree had a lower unemployment rate than the national average. Even though the graph below finishes in 2010, the tendency continues.

  1. Improved Skills:

Doctoral programs help you develop greater analytical and critical thinking skills that may be used in various fields. Regardless of industry, critical thinking is frequently rated as one of the most valuable business talents.

Ph.D. degrees aren’t just for academics. For everything from sales to business development, consultants, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, and biotech enterprises hunt for candidates with advanced degrees.

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