Static Var Generator is a voltage lead or lag scheme that produces load current. When the load produces induced or capacitive current. The following press release will help you learn how to compare a static variable generator to a static variable compensator.

Static Var Generator

As a result of the Static Var Generator detecting the phase angle difference. A leading or lagging current is generate in the grid. And the phase angle between the current and the voltage is close to.

Compact Substation

This means that there is only one basic compact substation. The advantages of SVG over SVC devices are:

Adopting IGBT + DSP + FPGA technology, you can realize a reliable system, almost no maintenance is require, and you can save a lot of maintenance cost. The performance of traditional SVCs is relatively poor in improving system transient stability and damping vibrations.

The system is flexible, fast, with wide tuning, continuous and fast tuning under inductive and capacitive operating conditions, response time can reach less than 10ms (5ms).

This greatly extends the life of the device and reduces its environmental impact.

Static operation, safe and stable, no rotating equipment, no mechanical noise. There is no device wear.

Active Power Filter

The Active Power Filter compensator has the characteristics of small capacity and low loss because the capacity of the capacitor is not large. Traditional devices have high inductance, eliminating capacitance and large switching mechanisms.

The control stability of the static variable generator is better than the control stability of the SVC in error conditions. SVC uses many capacitor chokes. This can be unstable if the capacitance of the external system is comparable to the capacitance of the compensating device. The static variable generator is not affecte by the capacitance of the external system. In addition, static var generators are smaller and cheaper than SVCs of the same capacity. Electrostatic generators provide active power to a certain extent and reduce the impact on functional performance, while SVCs can only supply reactive power.

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