Ledstar is a renowned LED light manufacturer which design LED lights for multiple purposes. We are a nationwide supplier of both indoor and outdoor lighting products with cool, sleek designs.We are a dedicated lighting technology brand, providing a range of specialty lighting, luminaires, and lighting solutions. Being a leading LED Chip Manufacturer, we believe in providing high quality LED lights to fulfil the client needs. We provide modern, smart, functional and elegant indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

We provide the sustainable solutions of electricity consumption which aid save up to 50% – 70% on your electricity bill. Horticulture LED plays a key role in the future of precision agriculture and increasing crop yields to meet the growing food needs of our world. The LED technology enables growers to maximize their yield outputs and significantly reduce their overall production costs. We provides high quality LED growth lights, including LED lighting fixtures and hybrid solutions for indoor and greenhouse applications.

UVA LED is matured sufficiently to be considered as an alternative UVA radiation source in photoreactors. It has a suitable for bonding float glass and tempered glass to metal parts. Our UV LED sources continues at an ever-growing pace, so do the industrial applications that utilize them. Our LED has a high-intensity hand-held UV lamp. It is easy to transport, ergonomically designed and ideal for mobile use.

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