Sear Rogers International School is a renowned international school that has helped students develop professional skills for a long time. We believe in providing overall growth for the kids and helping them to achieve something in life. Our school provides students a unique educational experience that, in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere.

The main aim of “International school in Hong Kong” is to help children emerge as wholesome individuals. It is achieved by following some unique methodologies developed by our educational development council, and we concentrate on providing an all-around -academic, moral, and physical – education.

Our school provides student a unique educational experience that, in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere. Many salient and distinguishing features make the school exclusive and exceptional in higher secondary school education.

Number one international school in Hong Kong is transforming lives and communities through learning to change and explore the creative approaches to address the future. We help to create opportunities for students to acquire skills, knowledge, and values to achieve their objectives.

We aim to fully develop personality and strive to nurture the citizens, sound in mind and body. All are imbued with the qualities necessary for those who form a peaceful and democratic state and society. We cultivate a rich sensibility & responsibility.

We can help students cultivate their creativity, foster a spirit of autonomy and independence, value justice, and value labor while emphasizing the connections with career and practical life. We provide opportunities to learn through discovery which helps the learners to be the creators. We are well stocked with fiction, non-fiction, and encyclopedias and cover a wide range of subjects across all classes. Our education is student-centered and individual, with solid student-teacher interaction and small class sizes.

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Business Name: Sear Rogers International School
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Street Address: Portion A, Podium E, 4/F, Riviera Gardens, Tsuen Wan.
City: Tsuen Wan
Postal Code: 999077

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