Takywj is an experienced company which offer wide range of hardware for kitchens. Our range of hinges are still the most effective way of articulating a cabinet door. The huge selection of kitchen cabinet hinges are choose from a variety of finishes that compliment all cabinetry styles and decor. The hinges can also be used for cabinets having blind corner panels.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges reduce noise and protect your cabinet’s finishes. Our kitchen fittings offers you the flexibility of creating overhead cabinets with hinged doors that open sideways. It helps to connect the cupboard door and the panel of the kitchen cabinets. We have a comprehensive range of concealed hinges for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other furniture. We supply a range of soft close and unsprang kitchen Unit Hinges able to be fitted in corners and handle-less doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Soft Close Door Hinges are durable and provides a smooth, silent closing motion. The primary benefit is the long-term health of your cabinets. Soft close hinges are integrated damper protect your doors from the damage that could be caused by slamming the door. The hinges have a mechanical device built into the hinge that prevents a cabinet door from slamming.

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