Today, trademark owners face several challenges, including misuse of trademarks and unauthorized copying of products, and packaging designs. The reason for Trademark Registration infringement involves the presence of counterfeit or knockoff products in the supply chain.

How Are Trademarks Misused?

It is trademark infringement that is at the core of the counterfeiting of products and components. These items are seen in a variety of industries and sectors today. The issue of counterfeit products extends way beyond luxury fashion brand items, as most people think.

Trademark Registration

Common Issues with Trademark Rights Compliance

1. Counterfeit goods sold on the consumer market as genuine products

2. Infringing on the trademarks of other people by producing or selling their products

3. Knockoff items

Risks Involved

1. Products that are defective and pose a risk to customer safety

2. Risks associated with disruptions in the business process or supply chain

3. It may risk the reputation and sales of brand

Remedies And Actions

1. The selection of suppliers should be based on a risk assessment

2. Management and monitoring of the supply chain in an efficient manner

3. Policy and procedure development that is clear and concise

4. Taking care of your trademark registration and protecting your brand against any breaches in its policies can be achieved by hiring one of the best Trademark Lawyers.

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