Basically, there are two types of trekking on the basis of service that is ‘Tea house lodge treks‘ and ‘camping‘ treks in Nepal. You can choose any one type of Trekking in Nepal that suits you. People may have different choices. One those who like wild and strenuous adventures then camping is best and for those who like to stay in a lodge for their first Himalayan trek then Tea house treks best one.

The main advantage of trekking in Nepal is that you can trek on more remote trails. Teahouse lodge treks like Everest Base Camp will be busy with many trekkers in peak seasons. Whereas Lower and Upper Dolpo Treks, Humla, and Limi Valley treks are remote and rarely trekked regions.

Trekking in Nepal

For most people, the best part of trekking in Nepal is meeting the friendly Nepalese people. During your treks in Nepal, you will get to know our guides, cooks, and porters. You will also meet locals walking on the trail and shepherds in the high pastures (known as kharkas). Different cultures and people in different geographical locations.

During trekking, people cover any specified distance on foot. This is mainly done in rural and rugged regions. In addition, backpacking and rock climbing are often combined with trekking activities.

Trekking is a long-distance walking activity that involves enjoying the scenery and exploring surroundings. A reason to travel may be a commitment, an aim, an objective, a mission, a party, or a social gathering.

Trekkers face different weather conditions, topographies, and weather conditions as they cross-forest areas, mountains, and deserts while trekking.

Top categories of famous trekking in Nepal-

Easy Trekking:

Basically, this is a beginner activity where you see colorful horizons or beautiful natural scenery.

Moderate Trekking:

Moderately difficult trekking is typically at medium to higher altitudes and has a greater degree of challenge than easy trekking. A person doing moderately difficult trekking should be energetic.

Strenuous Trekking:

A Dolpo Trek trip of this type requires considerable physical effort. It is usually carried out in high-altitude regions and is only suitable for trekkers with previous experience.

Difficult Trekking:

In the fourth type of trekking, the trekker must possess high precision, skill, and endurance to perform the trek. Experts or experienced trekkers do this type of trekking.

Having physical fitness, patience, and knowledge of hiking are the main characteristics of trekking. Trekking is traveling to a place you’ve never been before.

It is an adventure activity because it tests a person’s physical abilities. Therefore, if you plan to do Dolpo Trekking and Upper Dolpo Trek, you should be fit and healthy; you should be patient; you should be knowledgeable of the geography; you should have a daring attitude, and you should be prepared to overcome all undesirable circumstances.

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