It’s not uncommon for people to wonder how they can videotape in public places, adapt a story or a song, or make a brand-new movie from commercial materials. In some cases, they are looking for an agent or contacts who can help them distribute their products. In such cases, an Entertainment Lawyer Toronto comes in handy.

An entertainment attorney may seem easy to find. However, determining which entertainment lawyer is the right fit for a particular client depends on the legal advice or services the client requires. This is in addition to the lawyer’s background and experience.

What do entertainment attorneys do?

In entertainment law, lawyers are often generalists who must be familiar with a wide range of legal subjects. Entertainment lawyers sometimes discuss the following topics:

  1. Agency
  2. Contract Law
  3. Immigration Law
  4. Advertising
  5. Bankruptcy Law
  6. Labor Law
  7. Employment Law
  8. Defamation
  9. Right of Privacy
  10. Negotiation of Contracts
  11. Tax Law
  12. Criminal Law
  13. Publishing Rights
  14. Insurance Law
  15. Torts
  16. Security Interests
  17. Securities Law
  18. Fee Negotiation
  19. Managing Taxes
  20. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  21. Representing Clients In Court
Entertainment Lawyer Toronto

In addition to dealing with contracts regarding upcoming projects, entertainment lawyers work with actors’ agents. In order to determine the actor’s compensation, they negotiate with the agent and producer.

There are also entertainment attorneys who are agents, managers, or publicists. These individuals work together to represent their clients. They secure talent releases and recommend jobs and contracts to their clients.

Entertainment Lawyer Toronto serve as a point of contact between talent and the industry, including agents and tax preparers, as well as networks and venues.

Attorneys who specialize in entertainment can also assist with distribution deals. Contracts are drafted with writers, directors, actors, and also recording artists for development and production.

Sponsorships, bank loans, investments in co-production, grants, and other forms of investment are discussed and negotiated. In addition, agreements are prepared for affiliations, licenses, and appearance releases.

As needed, they can also assist clients in joining unions, guilds, and other professional associations. Conversely, these lawyers may work directly for professional organizations to accomplish the tasks they desire.

Some act as litigators, which can be useful when conflict cannot be resolved through negotiation or drafting of contracts. Lawyers usually deal with transactions – negotiating and drafting contracts.

Attorneys work with entertainment clients to accomplish specific goals, such as:

  • negotiating contracts,
  • researching relevant case law,
  • determining intellectual property,
  • initiating legal action in case of breached contracts.

When To Look For An Entertainment Attorney?

As a movie maker, you will need to determine what type of legal assistance you need before seeking an entertainment attorney.

  • How would you like to protect the idea for a script or treatment?
  • How would you like to adopt someone else’s novel or story to create a movie based on it?
  • Would you want actors to appear in the film?

You need to investigate potential lawyers after determining the type of legal services you need.

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