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Variety of products

Manufacturer of a variety of products, such as PVC pipe producing equipment, flexible pipe manufacturing equipment, dwcc corrugated pipe manufacturing equipment, 32/75 double wall corrugated pipe manufacturing equipment, and corrugated pipe manufacturing equipment.

Making Flexible Plastic making machine rangе frοm 150mm Inside Diameter 05mm out sidе diamеter with еasilу manual replacement of muldfr diffеrent Sizе of pipе diamеter.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a superior quality range of Pvc pipe making machine.

Plastic machinery
  • In theory, rigid pipes use more raw materials and become more rigid. Despite being used as a sample, their rigidity works against them during production, stringing, transmission, and finally use.
  • In contrast, corrugated pipe designed to resemble an elephant’s trunk offers more strength while consuming less raw material
  • Their flexibility and strength have broadened their range of applications, which has led to a swift replacement of rigid pipes in the market.
  • Corrugated pipes have characteristics that are illustrative of what is required in the Plastic machinery.

Included are Colorful Decadent Appeal, Flexibility, Strength, Anti-cοrrοsivеnеss, Excellent Insulation and Safety Above All.

as professional manufacturers of plastic extrusion equipment. SKR machinery combines advanced industrial technology with proprietary innovation technology and tends to be more technologically advanced than competing products.

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Extruder Machine: The best choice for buyers

Extruders are used to transport a variety of things such as tubes, tire trucks, wire covers and more. It can also be used to create various profiles that can be cut later. The extruder is a nifty, modest, surprisingly untested technique for assembling materials over a very long period of time.


You can quickly and conveniently place constant states of various lengths. You can make a huge amount with a little waste.

You can give complex shapes with different thicknesses, finishes, colors and more. By paying attention to the amazing equipment you use, you can create states of different sizes and shapes.

Various additives can be added to treat the properties of the object, making it stronger, more fire resistant and reducing contact.

Overall, extrusion tools are significantly cheaper than other plastic social event tools. It is in like way conceivable to utilize something like two Twin screw extruder to manage a solitary kick the can head in co-launch. This is particularly valuable when different layers of various materials are expected for the thing.


1 . Tips To Buy The Right Quality Extruder Machine

2. Top 6 Advantages Of Plastic Extrusion Machine In 2022

3. What Are The Benefits Of Extruder Machine?

4. How Extruder machine is beneficial to you?

How to Choose an Extruder Machine Manufacturer?

Summary: In the following press release, we will explain to you the pointers before choosing an Extruder machine manufacturer.

The right extruder for your application from a well-known manufacturer is important if you are starting a manufacturing business. In the PVC pipe manufacturing industry, you should select the right extruder from a well-known manufacturer. With the right Extruder, you can minimize equipment costs, increase profits, and get the best return on investment.

1.Track Record
The best predictor of future behavior is past performance, and that is true for manufacturers of extruder machines. It is important to pick a manufacturer that is reliable and experienced. Make sure the manufacturer of the Plastic extrusion machine and PVC extrusion machine will support you until the machine is in working order. For a successful track record, check the manufacturer’s dependability and industry experience.

2.Quality of Components
When choosing an extruder machine, it is the most crucial factor to consider. It is best to choose manufacturers who use globally recognized brand names in extruder machines. We use parts by industry leaders like Siemens, ABB, Schneider, etc.

High-quality parts are just the beginning of making a quality machine. Other important factors include equipment assembly, electronics and PLCS, a user-friendly HMI, downstream or upstream extruder integration options, and proper tools. It is important to note, however, that this helps with monitoring equipment, easy operation, and troubleshooting, and the solution to these problems lies with the manufacturer.

3.Service and Support
Our quality does not end with the extruder machine; we also provide comprehensive support for every step of the process, including equipment selection, purchase, installation, personnel training, operation, and maintenance, as well as marketing strategies.

Due to the advancement in technology, the equipment is more effective and more complex. Therefore, customer support is very important when choosing an extruder machine manufacturer since small breakdowns can cause production losses and raise operating costs.

Granules machine | Vacuum forming machine | Box making machine | Single screw extruder | Pvc extrusion | Twin screw extruder

SKR Technology a renowned plastic machinery manufacturer and exporter

Summary: The following press release provides brief information about SKR Technology which offer box making machines.

SKR Technology has 20 years of professional experience manufacturing highly efficient disposable:

•Food box-making machines
Granules machines
•Vacuum forming machines
•Profile extrusion machines
•Auxiliary machines

And many more. Our skilled workers have years of production experience in this industry, which has helped us become one of the leading producers and exporters. Offering the best quality to the customers is our primary goal, and for this, we follow strict rules to maintain domestic and international standards. Our products and quality control system are ISO 9001 and CE guidelines certified.

We focus on a solid technology-based project which is reliable and effective in working. Our Box making machine can make disposable moon cake boxes, dumpling boxes, freezing Box and many more. We ensure timely delivery of the product, which takes up to 45 days to reach the customer. The heating power of the machine is 35kW, and the working power is 40 MPA which matches the standards. Low cost, high-quality and efficient working capacity is the trademark of our extensive range of products. Our company’s success is directly dependent on the quality of the product we are offering.

Some of our products, including plastic making machines, fast food box machines, PP PET plastic sheet machines, and fast food box plastic suction machines, are in high demand because of their quality and highly effective production cycle. Our support team is professional and deployed for both domestic and international clients. They are proficient in the language and ready to resolve any query of the customer. Our extensive range of products and top-notch services has helped us cover 30% of China’s domestic and 70% overseas markets. Get complete product information, analysis, and project consultation by our experts and book your order, and we will deliver your product at your doorsteps in the scheduled time. For more information about the products or company, you can visit the official website anytime.