A thin board constructed of fibreglass also composite epoxy and or other laminate materials is refer to as a Circuit Board Manufacturing. PCBs are use in a variety of electrical and electronic parts also including those in beepers and radios, radars also computers, and other devices etc. Various Printed Circuit Board Assembly kinds are employee depending on the applications. What are the different PCB types? Continue reading also to learn more.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

What Kinds of PCBs are Available?
PCBs are frequently categorised according to frequency also number of layers, and substrate. Here are a few common types address.
• Single Side PCBs
Circuit boards with only one layer of substrate and or base material, are known as single-sided PCBs.
• Double Side PCBs
In double-side PCBs also a metal conductive layer is present on the substrate’s two sides.
• Numerous-layer PCBs
Print circuit boards with more than two copper layers, such as 4L, 6L, 8L, etc., are known as multi-layer Pcb Printed Circuit Board. Rigid PCBs that are manufacture from solid materials and cannot be bent are referred to as rigid PCBs.
• Rigid-Flex-PCBs
Circuit boards that combine rigid and flexible materials also known as rigid flex PCBs. They also made up of several stiff boards linke to numerous layers of also flexible circuitry.
• Support with aluminium PCBs
Due to the aluminium construction also ability to dissipate heat so these PCBs are employee in high power applications.

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